Our Brand Story

Welcome to RUSS Brand:

Functional Backpacks For Active Bodies And Spirits!

Remember when you went to the gym that evening, and your backpack wasn’t big enough to fit some dry clothes? You still cringe when you remember rushing home in your sweaty clothes, trying not to catch a cold.

And again, when you planned that weekend trip but your backpack could not fit your laptop, camera, and hiking gear?

You Are Not Alone! Well, I’ve been there too!

That’s why I created RUSS, to offer every traveler, every student, every gym-goer, every commuter, and every camper, a multifunctional backpack that covers their needs!

As a basketball coach carrying my equipment was an everyday problem. Later, when I founded a youth basketball program in 2007 to help young people maximize their basketball potential, I traveled a lot to attend tournaments. As a result, the need for a good, spacious backpack became even more prominent.

Not Just Another Backpack.

In my twenty years of traveling and working in the sports field, I have seen hundreds of different types of backpacks.

These experiences inspired me to design and develop a versatile, comfortable backpack for those who want to travel with all their favorite accessories, clothes, and gear.

Hard work, my family’s support, and God’s help are the main reasons why RUSS has become one of the pioneers in the travel accessories industry.

Our goal is to use the profits to help young people make a difference in the sports community.
My biggest dream is to get someone from my program to the NBA or WNBA and help young boys and girls make their dreams come true.

Together We Can!